About to IPO or at least thinking about it?

· You have managed your business so successfully that you now feel the time is right to IPO your business.

· You have a loyal, motivated team around you, all of whom see this as being part of an adventure.

· You clearly give your customers what they want otherwise you wouldn’t be successful.

· You have a long-term view of how the business should develop.


· 41% of IPO’s on AIM will fail within 5 years (Manchester Business School)

· Most management going through the IPO process get so involved in it that they forget to manage the business.

· The IPO is rewarding. However, it is also a lot of work. It also requires certain skill sets to ensure it goes smoothly.

· Until a public company achieves a valuation of ~£500m, you have to devote serious effort to market your shares.

· We know, because we have been there and we can add serious value as a result.

The main factors in IPO failure

· Choice of advisors. You recruited your staff because there was a “fit”. Apply the same values to choosing your advisors.

· Lack of focus on post IPO marketing. You fully understand the value of marketing your own products. It’s the same!

· Was it right for the business to IPO in the first place? What are your objectives? Will the IPO actually achieve them?

How we add value

· We are entrepreneurs too who get our “hands dirty”, not simply advisors.

· We help you to plan and we work to execute the IPO with your objectives in mind.

· We take the long term view with you. Our goals are your goals.

· We do what work is required in order to get the job done and our fee structure reflects our confidence.

· We are also aware of the post IPO action required, through our Investor Relations arm, and can assist you through this period.

· Our fee structure is typically a mix of mutually agreed monthly retainer, success fee and equity options

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Helping Companies achieve their objectives through hands on work, experience, goal alignment and a long term view.


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