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Small and Mid Cap companies usually operate way below most investors’ radar. Without a strategy to combat this, their stocks suffer from lack of liquidity and, therefore, low pricing thus creating a very destructive cycle, where non-liquid stocks become highly volatile, deterring new investors and strengthening the lack of liquidity problem. This causes worse problems when a company is not yet cash flow positive as further capital raises will, therefore, be carried out (if they can) at much higher dilution than is necessary.

To break this destructive cycle, companies need to engage in an investment relations campaign with their relevant investment community. This campaign must be targeted to existing and new potential investors alike.

Maintaining consistent, regular communication and providing relevant information for your existing and potential investors are key components that will help your company to provide your investment community with the highly desired liquidity and a stock price that truly reflects the intrinsic value of your company.

Hedblom Partners enables clients to communicate face to face, by way of roadshows, to the decision makers of equity portfolios specifically interested in small/mid cap stocks from the major financial centres of Europe. These invitees are selected from our database which we have personally built up over 25 years and which we continually update, add to and communicate with.

Among our investors are High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Independent Asset Managers and Fund Managers where their lead time to decide to invest is small. Having these people on board with your stock creates liquidity without concentration that can lead to dangerous price fluctuation.

Hedblom Partners currently operates in the following cities: Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Monaco, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Edinburgh, Milan, Oslo & Vienna.

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